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Michele Vioni Dr.Viossy

Michele Vioni, a.k.a. as Dr.Viossy, is a solo artist, celebrity guitar coach, recording artist, producer and youtuber.


Michele started studying Music when he was a child and his love and devotion for Music and guitar made him one of the world’s most well-renowned guitarists.


He’s been playing with his lifetime friend Michele Luppi (keyboardist for Whitesnake) since they were children and they released Luppi's first album "Strive" and the melodic Metal masterpiece "One of a kind" with Killing Touch.


He released the rock album "Unbreakable" with Absynth Aura.


He toured Italy and Europe with his bands and as guitar player for Edu Falaschi (Angra, Almah) and Blaze Bailey (Iron Maiden)

Michele is the most viewed Italian Rock/Metal guitarist on YouTube. His rendition of Beethoven’s third movement of “Moonlight Sonata” on electric guitar became viral in a few months, with over 15 million views so far. The rendition showed not only his dazzling technical skills, but also his classical music background and expertise.


His YT channel features multi-million views videos like a fingerstyle rendition of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody, other renditions of classical composers (Chopin, Mozart…), John Petrucci’s covers and more.


Michele is Oksana School of Music’s (USA) most sought-after online celebrity guitar instructor.


He's special tutor in rock/metal/prog guitar at MMI - Modern Music Institute and MMI International.


Michele is proud endorser of GNG Negrini Guitars, BRBS Amplification, SHIVA Audio Devices, Jad&Freer, Two Notes Audio Engineering,, InTune GP custom picks, IK Multimedia. 

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